Australia HOPE International works only with people and organisations with long standing proven integrity, broad community acceptance and respect, and who are accountable and trustworthy.

Where They Are

We have 6 partners across Uganda, DR Congo and Kenya.

Relationships with them have been developed from a common vision, clearly demonstrated heart for the most disadvantaged and trusted referrals from known personal or existing partners.

We are currently not able to expand our partnership bases as funds are not available to spread our projects further.

RWC - Children's Trust

Mbarara, Uganda

Director: Willy Tumwine

RWC/ AHI Projects

Willy Tumwine, himself a street kid as a child, rescues vulnerable children who are placed in a secure safe place and with the support of child sponsorship, are afforded the opportunity to be educated, or start a small business 

Nearly 100 children are sponsored by generous caring Australians, giving those children their most basic needs and a placement in a HOPE School. AIDS and war widows are also sponsored, firstly to meet emergency needs, then accommodation and finally securing a small business start up, so they can eventually achieve self reliance and dignity.

Two groups of women in Nakivale Refugee  Settlement and Mbarara produce crafts, beads and items that are brought back to Australia for sale at Jambo Sana. The funds are returned to the women’s group for distribution to the ladies, for lifting their quality of life, paying children’s school fees, medical care, rent and clothing. 

These courageous women who have fled war, make paper beads which are also sold in Australia in our shop, with the funds returning to the refugee settlement to help meet the needs of the women and their children.

AHI has funded the construction of 6 HOPE Schools with this partner. They are in Nakivale Refugee Camp, Kitokye Village and Mbarara, with a total of 1200 needy children.

This home houses over 15 vulnerable girls in the care of a house ‘mum’ who cares and trains the girls in horticulture, cooking and hygeine. Younger girls attend the Hope Primary School on the same site and older girls attend the Hope Vocational Secondary School in Kabuga, or stay on site and receive vocational training.

Christian Victory Ministries

Kamwenge, Uganda

Director: Kaazi Twinomujuni

CVM/ AHI Projects

We started the HOPE Nursery School in Kibogo Deep Village when the children had never seen white people, and now there are over 650 children in nursery and primary sections in buildings nearing completion. In the outskirts of Kamwenge is Kyambwoma Nursery and Junior Primary School. 100 children from poverty stricken families attend here in permanent classrooms replacing the old timber structure.

In addition, our Kabuga HOPE Vocational Secondary School accommodates nearly 1,000 students with 42 staff. Young people graduated from various HOPE Primary Schools attend with hundreds from the local region.

HOPE Schools with CVM are situated on several acres of land. There is a Eucalyptus Forestry Plantation at Kibogo HOPE School, and a vegetable garden and Eucalyptus Forestry trial plot of 5,000 trees at Kyambwoma HOPE Nursery School.

Australia HOPE International constructed a hall where church and community training courses are conducted to equip people to improve their quality of life through better nutrition, business management and skills training.

A child and class sponsorship program is operating for these schools with funds helping to pay teachers provide curriculum and meet children’s basic needs.

This project aims to educate the graduates from several Hope Primary Schools across western Uganda who would otherwise fail to attend school due to abject poverty and family breakdown. Vocational Training courses have now commenced for students at our secondary school who are not making good progress academically.

COME Uganda


Directors: Frank and Michele Heyward

COME Uganda Projects

As our first partner, COME Uganda has 4 well established schools in outer Kampala. These COME HOPE Schools are very high standard with excellent facilities developed over many years. A skilled team manages the school projects from the COME base in Lugala.

9 permanent staff and over 30 trained volunteers manage this program that delivers vital emergency, counselling, medical and rehabilitative care to thousands of destitute patients in Uganda’s largest public hospital. COME Uganda also helps manage admissions and emergencies as a rapid response team, when crises like exploding petrol tankers, civil unrest or riots with fatalities occur.

This group of eager widows make artifacts and craft items for sale in Africa and Australia to produce income for improving their lives and helping to better care for their children.

COME Uganda operate an excellent child sponsorship plan which, when coupled with the HOPE Schools, gives hundreds of needy children an education experience of the highest quality. Over one hundred COME Uganda children are sponsored through AHI, and over 20 widows.

Amari Community Development Project


Director: Marita Simpson

Amari Community Development Projects

Over 100 children attend this excellent school project in a secure large compound with excellent facilities being developed. Most of the children are non local children who face extra challenges living in Buliisa, NW Uganda.

A strongly supported child sponsorship program undergirds the school development project providing much needed funds for providing all the buildings, fences and equipment necessary. Most of the children in the school are sponsored.

HOPE & Care for Little Souls

DR Congo

Director: Dr. Calvin Kile

HOPE & Care for Little Souls Projects

These exciting schools accommodate 450 children, many are war orphans, and all are making huge advancements in academic studies, health, social skills and spirituality.

A boost to sponsoring children from Bunia was achieved when the Congo’s Children Team visited South Australia in 2012. Today there are nearly 100 children sponsored in this project.

AHI funded the construction of a large hall which has become a hallmark in the community for Community Training Courses, including child protection, nutrition, community sanitation, HIV aids pandemic, women’s violation, school teaching methodology and business management. The hall is also used as an assembly hall for the HOPE Nursery and Primary Schools and a church on Sundays.

Resulting from ongoing conflict in surrounding areas, HCLS, with combined church and community leaders, provides counselling, emergency medical, food and clothing at the school and hall facilities for hundreds of internally displaced people fleeing their homes and villages.

Mercy Christian Children's Ministries International


Director: Rowan Mumford

MCCMI Development Projects

Ps Lindsay and Sally Lockwood visited Kisumu in Kenya in 1997 and following that visit, a deepening relationship with abandoned and needy children formed. This led to the birth of an organisation, Mercy Christian Children’s Ministries Inc. (MCCMI)

MCCMI operates a school for needy children in Kisumu, Kenya.

During 2019/20, they successfully registered their High School with the Kenyan Education Department and transitioned their organisation to be an education focused organisation. We also successfully transitioned the location of the school to be on MCCMI compound.

They have been working closely with the regional offices for the Kenyan Children’s Department to ensure the children that were staying at Mercy Children’s home have a safe place to live and re-engaging them with their communities and relatives during this time.

MCCMI also runs a Child Sponsorship program for children in their school project.