Mission, Goals, and Objectives

As a Not for Profit Overseas Aid Organisation

Australia HOPE International's Mission is to

Inspire Australians to support developing nations.

Empower Young Australians towards an expanded World View, and the tools and experience in service and leadership.

Empower people in undeveloped countries to pursue their potential and to support them with the finance and education, providing the tools, training and support to succeed.


To bring HOPE and real help to people in villages, towns and communities through partner organisations in developing nations ravaged by poverty, war, disease or famine.

To halt the devastation and humiliation imposed on the poor, needy, sick and war – weary from entrapment in the destructive cycle of poverty, disease, despair and hopelessness.

To promote to Australians the urgent, pressing and challenging opportunity to really make a difference in Africa and other developing nations.

To attract and process donations and material support in aid of the people in poor African and other nations.


To encourage Australians to participate in support of projects and people by teams visiting developing nations and providing training and support for participating Australian youth.

To build meaningful and heartfelt relationships with all partnering groups, villages, and communities in impoverished nations in Africa and other developing nations, building HOPE for positive healthy lifestyles and self-reliance for all.

To identify key leaders and establish partnerships with reputable established organisations in the targeted countries, communicating and visiting regularly with them, and by equipping, training, supporting and sponsoring their workers.

To conduct programs to support children and women. These include sponsorship, education, housing, food, social support, counselling, health, small business opportunities and spiritual nurture.

Help give hope to the people of East Africa