HOPE Movies

Our HOPE Media will help bring you closer to the work we do in Africa among the HOPE Schools and partner organisations. Please enjoy!

The Bead Ladies

Their stories, told by the ladies themselves, are typical of refugee women in Nakivale Refugee Settlement. As a HOPE Women’s Group, they make paper beads which we sell in our shop, Jambo Sana.

These women are only 4 of the team, but all have a story to tell.

African Lullaby

When you look into the eyes of some children, you can hear their heart cry, especially African children. AIDS, war, disease and poverty have wounded so many hearts.

The cry of such as these is beautifully expressed in this Watoto song (used with permission) and the photos taken by our Africa 08 team members Dr. Michael van Tinteren and Natasha Stoodley capture the plight of these precious children. Our visit in July, 2008 was amazing, disturbing and heart rendering.

In Goma, DR Congo, war broke out 1.5 weeks after our visit. The tension shows in the faces of thousands of refugee children there who had fled their villages already.

The children of Nakivale refugee camp in Uganda reveals the hope and joy felt because of our visit, and the Kibogo Deep Village children, though still shy of ‘whites’, are adjusting to a new thrust of opportunity into their daily lives through their new HOPE School Project.

To all who sponsor children through HOPE, or other organisations, you are making an immense difference in these determined magnificent little people.

We have seen it, there in the heart of Africa, rays of hope for a better life shine through.

HOPE Comes to Kibogo Village

In 2003 these villagers ran in fear from ‘whites’ believing we would ‘eat them’! Today we share a beautiful project where hundreds of village children attend our HOPE Nursery and Primary School.

The quality of life in the whole region is improving constantly as the school development progresses. Currently we are commmencing a horticultural project on the 7 acres of school land which is reserved for a HOPE clinic and HOPE Secondary / Vocational Training School. With more financial support, we can commence a Secondary School.

Child Refugees... when HOPE comes

Around 700 children attend the HOPE School in Nakivale Refugee Settlement. In November 2013 we found 30 of the first students in the school, and with their permission, they gave their stories. Diane is just one of them. Each one is different, but the determination and courage of these children to be educated and achieve a brighter future is amazing.

Sponsoring a HOPE School class allows us to fund the class expenses like teachers salaries and books.

Music by African Children’s Choir, ‘Mama’ from the film Hotel Rwanda and Florence, Mbarara

Interpreter: Willy Tumwine, Director RWC – Children’s Trust.

Help give hope to the people of East Africa