HOPE Missions

Supporting our partners in their work of church outreach.

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Our partners in their work of church outreach, planting churches, distributing Bibles, ministry to the sick and dying, funding church buildings, acts of kindness to the abandoned and abused.

HOPE Missions is predominantly in support of the ministry of Jono and Ann Osborne based in Northern Uganda. They conduct Bible teaching, training, outreach and emergency relief.

Please contact us by email hope@ahi.org.au for latest needs and ministry activity.

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Please Note: Any donations to our work on this page are not tax-deductible, except Emergency Relief. This includes church outreach and buildings, evangelism, welfare, supporting pastors, and ministry to the sick and dying. HOPE Missions operates separately from the humanitarian work of AHI Development Projects.

For non tax-deductible donations to HOPE Missions or Jono and Ann Osborne, use:

BSB: 105-025
Account: 054 520 340.

Please advise by email your name and chosen purpose for your donation.

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