HOPE Gift Cards

For someone with nothing…
And someone with everything.

When You Buy a HOPE Gift Card...

for someone special, you also purchase something that brings meaningful help to someone in Africa.

Your beautiful gift card will show what was purchased and the dollar value.


As you give this card to your friend for birthday, Christmas or any gift occasion, they will appreciate that the value of their card will be forwarded to a needy person in Africa.

HOPE Gift Card Types and Prices

You can order and pay on the form below and your cards will be posted to your address shown on the form.

Education & Schools

Education Supplies


Shoes - Canvas


Nursery Class Games


School Bags, Pencils or Crayons


Shoes - Leather


School Uniform


Soccer Balls


Higher Education Support


Small Business Support

Small Business Setup


Sewing Machine


Roadside Food Vending


Shop/Market Stall Rent & Stock


Motor Bike Taxi - Boda Boda


Health & Hygeine

Toothbrush Paste & Soap


Mosquito net - Treated


Nutritious Food for AIDS Victims


Medical Emergency Supplies


Farming & Food Production

Seeds & Seedlings


Laying Hen


Gardening Tools




Chicken Trio






Personal & Household





Cooking Stove




Saucepan Set




Rent for Widow's Hut for 1 Year


Church Mission

Bible in Local Language


Children's Books & Materials


Card photos have been taken by our HOPE Team members visiting Uganda and DR Congo.
Each one is made by dedicated volunteers so all proceeds benefit our African friends.

We hope you enjoy your purchase and giving a gift with love and purpose.